Organizational Structure

The project management structure comprises the following decision-making bodies:

The External Advisory Board is composed by at least one representative of the different Associated Partners. It gives advice to the Steering Board, ensuring that the work is progressing according to the general objectives.

The Steering Committee (SC): It is composed by a Project Leader (Felipe Prósper), a Scientific Coordinator (Beatriz Pelacho), and the Non-Scientific Coordinator (Itziar Gómez).

Is the highest and ultimate decision-making body of the consortium. It acts as intermediate between the Interreg Sudoe Programme and the partners. It monitors the progress against the objectives, activities and deliverables described in the application form.

External Advisory Board

Steering Commitee

Project Coordinator

Felipe Prósper

Scientific Coordinator

Beatriz Pelacho

Non-Scientific Coordinator

Itziar Gómez

Technical Committee

Financial Committee

Beatriz Pelacho

Eloy Robles

Manu Mazo

Itzíar Gómez

Raquel Fortunato

Mario Madeira

Javier Urtasun

Irune Ladislao

Jerome Roncalli

Sophie Mourgues

Lina Badimon

Declan de la Fuente

Margarida Serra

Dulce Brites

Coline Pinese

Sylvie Corneille

Jon Anakabe

Naiara Gorostola

The Technical Committee (TC): It is composed by one representative of each entity. It provides a daily leadership, ensuring that the work is being done in accordance to the contents established in the application form. The TC has regular meetings with the Scientific Coordinator.

The Financial Committee (FC): It is composed by one representative of each entity. It executes the financing plan, according to the official regulations, and detect possible deviations, adopting corrective measures. The FC has regular meetings with the Non-Scientific Coordinator.